A New Official Blog! A Dash of Gumption

I started this blog casually as a way to document my study abroad experiences. Although I didn’t end up writing much (learning a year of French in 9 weeks meant lots of homework), I thoroughly enjoyed being able to express and share my ideas with family, friends, and even strangers on the Internet (who knew other people would want to read my posts?).

I may not be in France any more, but I loved blogging so much that, one year later, I have decided to start up an official blog (with my own website domain name and everything!).

Introducing… A Dash of Gumption !

In this new blog, I will be writing about travels, food, and other thoughts, as well as uploading fairly regularly to a photo diary (much better quality photos, thanks to a DSLR). I will also be catching up on my experiences in Paris, writing about a variety of things, such as traveling tips to France. The limits really are endless!

I hope you will join me in my future adventures. To all those who ever read a post of mine, thank you so much, and to A Soiree Abroad, this will be the final farewell.